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Aquamid is an authentic hydrogel manufactured in Denmark by Contura International. It is a permanent soft tissue dermal filler containing approximately 2.5% crosslinked polyacrylamide bound to 97.5% water. Dermal filler Aquamid is indicated for treating more pronounced nasolabial folds and for enhancing the nose, jawline and thin/aging lips. Correcting atrophy of various types, including on the back of the hands and on the cheeks, is also possible with this product. A more viscous version of the filler is known as Aquamid Reconstruction, and it is indicated for augmentations requiring larger volume and for treating facial lipoatrophy developed due to HIV. Aquamid is not suitable for treating superficial lines.

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Aquamid doesn’t work the same way hyaluronic acid-based products do. The polyacrylamide forms an elastic gel that, once injected, is surrounded by a network of collagen fibers which help maintain it in place. You’re able to contour this gel in a natural way leading to better-looking outcomes for your patients. Swelling after treatment with Aquamid needs to go down so that true effects can be accurately assessed. A minimum of two weeks should elapse before any additional administration takes place. More than one session is typically required for ideal results. It’s common for Aquamid’s effects to last up to four or five years.

The filler’s hydrogel is made with Contura’s proprietary process. The polymerization of acrylamide forms the polymers that are known as polyacrylamides. The filler’s volume comes from the water, and it’s the water that aids in the product’s integration into the skin tissues.

Aquamid should be injected subcutaneously. It’s presented as a single-use pre-filled syringe containing 1 ml of product.

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