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Revofil Aquashine Br is made by Caregen Co., LTD. in South Korea and is an authentic skin-rejuvenating mesotherapy product. Skinbooster Aquashine Br contains hyaluronic acid (15 mg/ml) from a non-animal source, in addition to amino acids, minerals, vitamins, coenzymes and biomimetic peptides. Skinbooster Aquashine Br is indicated for skin that would benefit from additional hydration and from diminished coloring in the form of hyperpigmentation, age spots and freckles. It serves to generally improve skin and leaves it with more brightness, elasticity and tone. Pores aren’t as noticeable and neither are fine facial lines, and you can also administer it on the neck, neckline and decollete.

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Skinbooster Aquashine Br is indicated for skin that is marked by sunspots or generally appears dull and without radiance. It’s recommended that you start with three sessions with Aquashine Br, spaced four weeks apart, and that your clients repeat this series of treatment every six months.

Every component of Aquashine Br’s formulation serves a purpose in the fight against tired-looking skin. The damaging effects of free radicals are mitigated by the product’s minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which also help make skin more elastic. Peptides reinforce the non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid’s ability to trap water. Since melanin synthesis is better controlled, skin pigmentation concerns are averted or minimized.

Skinbooster Revofil Aquashine Br is designed for administration into the epidermis and the superficial-to-mid dermis. It has a presentation as a single-use syringe pre-filled with 2 ml of gel.

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