Belotero Hydro 1 ml

Made by Merz Aesthetics in Europe, Belotero Hydro is an authentic non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid-based (18 mg/ml) dermal filler/skinbooster which also contains glycerol. The hyaluronic acid is not from an animal source. Dermal filler Belotero Hydro is for those whose skin is in need of deep hydration. It is indicated for treating dry skin, and it helps make fine lines less visible.

You can treat facial skin as well as the neck, decollete and the back of the hands with Belotero Hydro. It is also appropriate for when skin is more mature or has suffered sun damage.

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Skinbooster Belotero Hydro restores firmness and elasticity, making skin look radiant with a well-rested appearance. Each of your clients is different so adjustments should be made, but the recommended administration schedule is to begin with two to three visits, a month apart. This is meant to allow the skin to fully re-hydrate between sessions. Touch-ups for the purpose of maintenance should be done once or twice a year.

Skinbooster Belotero Hydro contains two agents known for their exceptional capabilities for hydration: hyaluronic acid and glycerol. Hyaluronic acid attracts and conserves moisture in the skin. Glycerol acts as a protective casing that surrounds the hyaluronic acid and helps slow down its degradation. This filler’s hyaluronic acid has a small particle size and is not crosslinked, making it thinner. This is important because natural results will require that skin doesn’t acquire too much volume or appear overplumped.

Skinbooster Belotero Hydro is intended for administration into the dermal/epidermal junction or superficial dermis. The product’s presentation is 1 ml of gel in a single-use syringe accompanied by wo 30G1/2” needles.

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