Belotero Volume

Belotero Volume is an authentic dermal filler manufactured in Europe by Merz Aesthetics. It is a crosslinked hyaluronic acid-based filler (26 mg/ml) from a non-animal source. Taking advantage of hyaluronic acid’s enormous capacity for retaining water, dermal filler Belotero Volume is designed for restoring lost facial Volume. It is indicated for remodeling and reshaping the curves of the face. Volume restoration in the temples, cheeks and the chin are key uses. So is treating severe wrinkles, Nasolabial Folds and deep oral commissures. The dermal filler gives excellent results when augmenting thin or aging lips.

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Since dermal filler Belotero Volume has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid, a highly hydrophilic substance, in the BELOTERO line, it preserves the Volume that is obtained upon administration for many months until the hyaluronic acid eventually degrades naturally. The duration of the effects should be somewhere in the range of nine to twelve months. You should schedule maintenance visits for your clients once a year or every 18 months.

The Cohesive Polydensified Matrix technology used to create dermal filler Belotero Volume gives it a customized plasticity that makes it very malleable. Modeling the gel, which has an uncommon volumizing effect, is simple and predictable, so achieving that youthful appearance for your clients, where the cheeks are high and have definition, is not difficult.

Dermal filler Belotero Volume is meant to be administered into the deep dermis. Its presentation consists of two single-use syringes, each pre-filled with 1 ml of gel and accompanied by 2 x 30G needles, 2 x 27G needles, 2 x 27G x 37 mm cannulas, each with 25G pre-hole needle.

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