Smokers Lines

The dreaded vertical lines that form above your upper lips can be one of the most distressing signs of aging. They are known as “Smokers Lines”.

When speaking of facial skin issues, you may want treatment for, including acne scars, facial volume loss, sun spots, it seems that Smokers Lines rarely ever come to mind. The reason is simple: they are not considered a major skin issue for most of us. By the time Smokers Lines become deeply ingrained, we may have been focused on other aspects of our skin and facial features.

What we don’t realize, however, is that this small problem can have a detrimental effect on our overall appearance. If not treated in time, Smokers Lines can become virtually impossible to treat. Hence it is important that you start seeking solutions when you first notice them. Because if you wait, Smokers Lines will become more difficult, if not impossible, to treat.

Fortunately, there are several treatments available to help you with Smokers Line problem. The best option to reduce them is injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers indicated for lips augmentation. As the name suggests, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally produced by our bodies. Whilst temporary in nature, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers get injected into the Smokers Lines and the lips, reduce the first ones while giving the lips a fabulous boost. Below are some of our recommendations.