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For many years people all around the world have been using aesthetic treatments to erase the signs of aging and restore lost volume in the face. Now the same results can be delivered to an entire body in the form of non-surgical body shaping treatment, that can naturally reshape body contours with dermal fillers and without general anesthesia, post-surgery downtime and scarring.

Treatment with hyaluronic acid body fillers restores volume, contours the body, re-shapes big and small areas of the body and evens out discrepancies in the skin surface, for example those caused by liposuction. It is an out-patient procedure that can be performed in one visit without surgery or a hospital stay. During the treatment the gel made of high quality cross-linked hyaluronic acid is injected with a special needle deep under the skin to add volume and support, leaving no unsightly scars, but only noticeable results that last at least a year. Since the gel used is a man-made version of the substance our body produces to fill out skin tone and lubricate joints, our body will naturally biodegrade it over time.

Another injectable treatment that is ideal for those who are looking to improve and enhance their buttock and hip area without undergoing surgery is injections of poly-l-lactic filler. The unique and individual way of stimulating your body’s own collagen can improve the lift, contouring and appearance of the hips and buttocks. The PLLA is also great for improving the appearance of stretch marks, smoothing cellulite as well as improving the skin quality. This is a gradual treatment with results getting better with every session. Projection, volume and some lifting can be achieved between two to four sessions.

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