Deoxycholic 10%

Deoxycholic acid injections are not made in the abdominal cavity and other parts of the body, because it requires a higher dose of the drug. Scientists have identified the ideal formula. in which 50 injections per session do not cause toxic effects in the body.

When using the drug on a large area (belly, back, etc.), you need to have more than 50 injections, which is fraught with toxic effects. Therefore, compliance with the dose protects you from complications completely. To date, the molecular formula of Deoxycholic acid is being finalized for use in other parts of the body, including over a large area.

Is Deoxycholic acid safe

Clinical studies of Deoxycholic acid, in which 2600 people took part, have shown that no histological changes were noted in the dermis, skin tissues, muscle tissue, epidermis.

If you follow the dosing regimen, you can minimize the side effects and make the procedure as comfortable as possible. The FDA has confirmed the high index of pharmacological safety of Deoxycholic acid injections.

What foods contain Deoxycholic acid

Those who hear about Deoxycholic acid for the first time have a burning question to ask about the origin of this substance in the body and whether its synthesis can be increased or obtained with the help of food products.

The main active ingredient in Deoxycholic acid is sodium deoxycholate. With a deep analysis of this substance origin, it was found in pig skin and cellular structures. Extensive clinical research, though, have provided a clear understanding that it is not found in any food. The fact that sodium deoxycholate is found in the cells of living beings is logical, if we consider the origin of this substance.

The fact is that Deoxycholic acid is a secondary component of bile acid, which is produced in the body in small quantities. It is not even an independent component, since it is formed by the dehydroxylation of the primary acids of the gastrointestinal tract.

The function of sodium deoxycholate is to improve lipids absorption. Our body produces this substance when it needs to breakdown fats. An increase or decrease in food intake does not affect Deoxycholic acid synthesis and it is impossible to increase its concentration by including certain foods in your menu.

All scientific studies confirm that it is possible to specifically increase the local concentration of Deoxycholic acid using an injection solution that has been synthesized in pharmacological laboratories.


Deoxycholic 10% is the only medical drug, which has been approved by the FDA for local effects on adipose tissue. It is the patented formula Deoxycholic acid, which is actively used in cosmetology to fight the double chin.

It is an injectable drug, which fully reproduces the therapeutic properties of endogenous Deoxycholic acid. The composition of the solution does not include substances of animal origin, so it is well absorbed by the body and rarely causes side effects.

To date, Deoxycholic acid injections are the least traumatic way to remove a double chin. This cosmetic defect is typical for both men and women.

Adipose tissue, which appears in the chin area, responds poorly to changes in nutrition, physical activity and an overall decrease in the body fat percentage. Before the advent of drugs based on Deoxycholic acid 10%, plastic surgery was the only suitable way to remove a double chin.

Despite the fact that this procedure is not dangerous, it does have several disadvantages, such as:

  • it takes a lot of time,
  • it is painful,
  • it can cause complications and scar formation.

Other local lipolysis methods of the chin area have proven ineffective. Deoxycholic acid is the only exception.

It is necessary to understand that Deoxycholic acid is a specific product in aesthetic medicine, the therapeutic properties of which were discovered relatively recently. It has a narrow spectrum of action and for those, who hear about the properties of this drug for the first time, ask a logic question: “How does Deoxycholic acid work?”

The action mechanism of Deoxycholic acid is the active destruction of fat cells at the injection sites. This process is called adipocytolysis.

After the drug introduction in the fat cell, a local inflammatory process begins in it. It increases in volume, which causes damage and further destruction of the cell membrane. After a complete destruction of the fat cell membrane, it dies and the percentage of subcutaneous fat decreases in this place.

Since the scope of the active substance application is small, destroying large number of fat cells requires using a special injection technology.

The peculiarity of the pharmacological action of Deoxycholic acid is that other tissues (muscle fibers and skin) are not affected by the atrophy of fat cells. This substance has a targeted effect, exclusively on the adipose tissue area.

In-depth clinical studies of Deoxycholic acid confirm its effectiveness at the level of 70-80%. The effect of Deoxycholic acid is noticeable after the second session already, and the treatment results enhance with each new procedure.

Indications for Use

Deoxycholic acid 10% is used to correct the appearance of the chin through the local destruction of adipose tissue.

Today, the drug has a very narrow spectrum of action and its effectiveness has not been clinically proven in local lipolysis in other parts of the body. Active research is under way on the use of Deoxycholic acid to eliminate fat deposits in such areas, as the abdomen, shoulder blade and the sides.


  1. Selective effect on adipose tissue cells
  2. Local action in administration sites
  3. Pronounced lifting effect after the double chin reduction
  4. Low risk of intoxication and good tolerability
  5. High effectiveness at any age from 18 to 70 years
  6. Preservation of effect for a long time without touch up treatments.

Drug form and composition

  • Deoxycholic 10% is available as a solution for injection. Each bottle contains 10 ml of solution.
  • Each package contains 5 bottles.
  • The concentration of Deoxycholic acid in the solution is 10 mg per 1 ml. That is, each vial contains 100 mg of active ingredient.

Mode of administration

Please note that Deoxycholic acid injections should only be applied in the chin and neck area. They are contraindicated in other areas of the face and body.

The procedure of Deoxycholic acid 10% injection should be carried out by a qualified doctor or aesthetic practitioner. Do not use Deoxycholic acid at home without proper qualifications.

  • Before the injection, the beautician or doctor must make a markup on the skin with an interval of 1 cm.
  • The skin is pre-disinfected and, if necessary, treated with an anesthetic cream or ointment. The solution does not include lidocaine or other local anesthetics.
  • The dose of Deoxycholic acid is 0.2 ml per 1 cm of the skin surface.
  • In one treatment session, doctor can give no more than 50 injections, so you need to calculate the area of the drug administration in such a way that these 50 injections cover the entire problem area.

The optimal therapeutic course, during which you can completely get rid of the double chin includes 5-6 sessions. Each session is done once a month. At that, not every patient needs to have 50 injections at each session. After 3 sessions, the doctor evaluates the effectiveness of therapy and, with significant improvement, reduces the dose of the drug.

Precautionary measures

Deoxycholic 10% injections are considered a cosmetic procedure and are not dangerous for the patient. Despite this, the patient and the specialist who gives the injections must be very careful and prepared for each new session.

Deoxycholic 10% injection is not recommended in the following situations:

  • Inflammatory skin infection in the area of drug administration
  • ARVI, fever, internal inflammatory process
  • Malignant neoplasms on the skin
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding period
  • Dysphagia
  • Use of antibiotics and blood thinners and medications to reduce the platelet production

Before carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to check the patient's sensitivity to the active substance by introducing a small dose of Deoxycholic acid in the region of the forearm. If an allergic reaction has not occurred within 15-30 minutes, then the procedure can be continued.

If an allergic reaction began during the drug administration, it is necessary to discontinue the procedure immediately, take an antihistamine agent and call an emergency.

There are also some rules for professionals:

  • Injection is not recommended near the salivary glands and lymph nodes.
  • the drug injection near the facial nerve is contraindicated
  • injections should be avoided in places of large vessels
  • in case of severe bleeding, stop the procedure.

Deoxycholic 10% Side Effects

The side effects of Deoxycholic acid are possible even with a minimum dosage, yet they are mild and pass without a physician’s intervention.

Adverse symptoms disappear within 1-2 days and rarely cause physiological or psychological discomfort. Most often, these are:

  • Pain when the drug is administered
  • Redness, swelling, itching, irritation in the area where the procedure was performed,
  • Indurations and mild numbness at the injection sites
  • Mild bleeding upon injection

If the swelling in the chin area enhances during the day, you have a very strong itching and signs of an allergic reaction, you should seek medical help.

Usually, the physician who gives the injections, checks the patient’s sensitivity to Deoxycholic acid during the preliminary examination phase. Where an allergic reaction to this substance is detected, the procedure is canceled.


Deoxycholic acid injections are sold in pharmacies and specialty stores with professional cosmetics. Despite the fact that this is a cosmetic tool, some US pharmacies ask for a prescription from a doctor.

If you want to buy Deoxycholic acid in order to eliminate a double chin, you are unlikely to consult a doctor for a prescription. If your aesthetic practitioner has the necessary license, you can ask for a prescription for sodium deoxycholate. However, it is much easier to buy Deoxycholic acid in an online store, for example on YourFace.Expert.

In our specialized online store you can find Deoxycholic acid for sale at a fairly low price and without a prescription.

In the US and Canada, the average cost of Deoxycholic acid is about $ 300 per bottle of 2 ml. Considering the fact that 3-5 vials are administered to the patient during 1 treatment session, the cost of each procedure will be about $ 900-1500.

If you plan to have a full course of 5-6 sessions, getting rid of your double chin will cost you $ 10,000.

Even considering that this is a minimally invasive and effective way to remove the adipose tissue, the treatment cost does not match the result. However, the high price of Deoxycholic acid is explained by the margins that economic agents set.

In online stores, Deoxycholic acid that they sell comes directly from the manufacturer, thus guaranteeing high quality of the drug and its low price.

The cost of Deoxycholic acid injection in the online store is about $ 250 per 10 ml bottle. This is 5 times cheaper than the US pharmacies and beauty salons offer.

Deoxycholic acid online is sold at the real wholesale price of the manufacturer. You do not have to pay the costs of sales agents, who spend large amounts of money for pharmacies maintenance and marketing.

In addition, Deoxycholic acid online is sold in very convenient bottles. One bottle is sufficient for 50 injections - the maximum single dose. You do not need to guess and think about whether there 3-4 bottles of 2 ml, which are sold in sets in city pharmacies, are sufficient to cover the entire area.

If you plan to buy Deoxycholic acid on our website, you can be sure of the high quality of the products. Every drug in our range is FDA-approved and absolutely safe.

When you choose to buy Deoxycholic acid online, it is delivered directly to your home by a courier or via a regular postal service.

We value our impeccable reputation and hope that you appreciate the competent service and low price for Deoxycholic acid and leave us your comment.

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