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Horizontal Forehead Lines

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The forehead is one of the first places in the face to lose volume, but it is a common oversight by both patients and practitioners to not recognize it: the concern is often disguised by hair, or the focus is on other parts of the face. Replacement of volume in the forehead not only rejuvenates the face, but also improves the overall harmony and balance of the area, and general smoothness of the forehead.

So, how does forehead aging happen? Contraction of forehead muscles causes wrinkling of the skin while volume loss creates concavities, and the effects of gravity lead to descent of the brows and eyelids. Wrinkles that appear from contraction of the forehead muscles can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox, but care needs to be taken not to cause drooping of the brow or upper eyelid. The forehead volume reduces due to loss of subcutaneous fat, bone resorption, as well as thinning of the muscles and skin. As a result, concavities form in the forehead and the bony outline of the skull becomes more evident. Volume replacement of the forehead is best achieved by using dermal fillers: they can be strategically placed to revolumize the forehead and to recreate a more youthful appearance. Revolumization, in its turn, provides resistance to skin creasing along with brow support. Below are listed some dermal fillers suitable for this procedure.

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