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Hyacorp Body Contouring Mlf1 is made by BioScience GmbH in Germany. It is an authentic dermal filler based on crosslinked hyaluronic acid (20 mg/ml) from a non-animal source. Dermal filler Hyacorp Mlf1 is meant for reshaping the body and can be used to contour the pectoral area, the buttocks and the calves. MLF, or Maximum Lifting Force, and the number 1 refer to the filler’s capacity for volumizing or lifting. Dermal filler Hyacorp Mlf1 can also treat concave deformities resulting from accidents or liposuction. If the areas you will be treating are those where the skin fold thickness is great, you should use Hyacorp Body Contouring Mlf2 on your clients, as Hyacorp Mlf1 is indicated for zones where the fold thickness is less. Modeling facial contours isn’t an appropriate use for this filler.

You should expect your products in an average of two business days, as orders ship out as soon as they are placed. Factors such as weather conditions and your specific location can impact delivery times.

Dermal filler Hyacorp Mlf1 can be used to enhance the outline and shape of different parts of the body, with effects that look natural. Your clients should see results the day of their visit. Outcomes of treatment with dermal filler Hyacorp Mlf1 last somewhere in the range of six to eight months.

Leveraging hyaluronic acid’s remarkable capacity for retaining water, dermal filler Hyacorp Mlf1 adds volume in desired areas, either to replace lost volume or to endow your clients with a different or augmented contour. Since it is specifically designed for body sculpting, Hyacorp Mlf1’s gel has a larger particle size compared to facial fillers. Despite this, the product remains a smooth and homogenous gel.

Dermal filler Hyacorp Body Contouring Mlf1 is meant for deep subcutaneous administration on the body. The product’s presentation is as a single-use pre-filled syringe containing 10 ml of gel.

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