JBP Nanoneedle

All experts claim that JBP Nanoneedle is an innovative product. It has changed the idea of mesotherapy. Previously, this procedure was accompanied by severe edema and long-term recovery.

  • The working area of the usual needle for mesotherapy is only 50%. That is, if the needle diameter is 30 mm, its internal opening is only 15 mm.
  • JBP Nanoneedle working area ranges from 60 to 80% (depending on the size of the needle). That is, if the needle diameter is 30 mm, its internal opening is 20 mm.

The superiority of JBP Nanoneedle is obvious. Specialists can use completely different fillers and diversify the range of procedures.

According to experts, the use of JBP Nanoneedle helps reduce the severity of adverse symptoms by 60-70%. Injections are easier to make without cause discomfort to the patient. Recovery period after the procedure is 2 times shorter.

Finding information from satisfied users is not difficult. You can read a lot of feedback from those who had a chance to compare conventional needles and JBP Nanoneedle. Both patients and doctors confirm that ultrathin needles cause less injuries and recovery is faster.


JBP Nanoneedle are ultrathin needles for injection procedures in aesthetic medicine. They are used to administer high viscosity products, such as:

  • hyaluronic acid,
  • collagen,
  • botulinum toxin.

Use of these needles minimizes patient discomfort during aesthetic treatments. These allow reducing bleeding and swelling after the procedure.

The thicker the needle for injection, the more damage it causes in the skin tissue, which causes the following unpleasant consequences:

  • extensive bruises,
  • swelling,
  • hematomas.

To minimize adverse symptoms after injection procedures, Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. created Nanoneedle.

Most often, JBP Nanoneedle is used in mesotherapy. Products for this procedure come with different densities. If the needle diameter is small, the dense gel will not pass through. The beautician needs to increase the diameter of the needle to deliver the drug to the desired area. Hence, the damaged skin and blood vessels.

According to expert estimates, the throughput of JBP Nanoneedle is approximately 25-30% higher, compared to conventional needles for injection. Therefore, cosmetologists can use dense formulations without changing the needle.

JBP Nanoneedle have a large internal diameter. At that, the overall needle diameter has not changed. This was achieved thanks to the ultrathin wall of the needle. Due to the increase in free space inside the needles, they can be used for the introduction of products with high viscosity.

A distinctive feature of JBP Nanoneedle is the length of the needle. Long needles are not suitable for mesotherapy. Drugs need to be injected into the upper layers of the skin and fall into a clearly marked area. The shorter the needle, the easier it is to control the accuracy of the administration. Therefore, JBP Nanoneedle have a small length (4 to 25 mm) and are very convenient to use.

Indications for use


  • Hyaluronic acid and collagen injection
  • Botulinum injection
  • Placenta tissue injection

JBP Nanoneedle is ideal for administering an anesthetic before the injection procedure.


Minimal damage to skin tissue

  • Short needle length
  • No severe adverse symptoms
  • Possibility of using highly viscous solutions
  • Less pain, bleeding and swelling during the treatment
  • Faster recovery
  • Can be used in any areas on the face

Drug form and composition

JBP Nanoneedle comes in packs of 5 pieces. Each needle has a protective cap. The needles are completely sterile and ready to use.

JBP Nanoneedle are available for sale in various sizes, including:

  • 27G x 25 mm
  • 33G x 4 mm
  • 33G x 8 mm

The internal diameter of the needle 33G is 16mm. The inner diameter of the needle 27G is 30mm.

Mode of administration

  • Take out the needle from the box and remove the protective cap.
  • Make sure that the needle diameter is suitable for the upcoming procedure.
  • Check the integrity of the needle. It should have no cracks, scratches or visible damage.
  • Put the needle on the syringe.
  • Treat the injection area with an antiseptic to remove residual sebum and bacteria.
  • Insert the needle slowly and shallowly.

An appropriate diameter of JBP Nanoneedle is intended for various procedures. If you are not sure of the choice, consult an experienced practitioner. The more sensitive the injection area, the thinner the needle.

Precautionary measures

  • Do not use JBP Nanoneedle on inflamed areas.
  • Where defects are discovered during the needle inspection, do not use it for the procedure.

JBP Nanoneedle Side effects

The FDA approved JBP Nanoneedle for use in aesthetic and medical practice. Even though these ultrathin needles are designed to reduce the visible side effects from injections, it is impossible to avoid them 100%. You can still notice the following, though manifested to a smaller extent:

  • Light bruises
  • Slight inflammation
  • Subtle traces of injections (only in very sensitive areas under the eyes)


If you want to buy JBP Nanoneedle, check the needle size with your cosmetologist or doctor. This is very important for a successful treatment session.

On our online store, you can buy JBP Nanoneedle of any size. Please note that we sell small packages. Each of them contains only 5 needles. This is sufficient for a complete mesotherapy in any area.

You can search for JBP Nanoneedle on other online stores. Most likely, though, you will be offered a large pack of 100 needles. During a procedure, only a few pieces will be used, and you don’t need the remaining needles. Why pay for a big package, if you can buy JBP Nanoneedle at low prices in a small package.

The price of JBP Nanoneedle is only $ 14 for 5 needles. This is several times cheaper, compared to other online stores. The standard price for JBP Nanoneedle is $ 90 per package.

Ask your cosmetologist how many needles you need. If you need to treat a larger area, you may need 10 needles. Make an order for the delivery of 10 needles JBP Nanoneedle for the price of $ 28. You can choose needles of different diameters, if required by the procedure.

Express parcel delivery takes only a few days. You do not need to waste your time and go wandering about the city drugstores. Specify the delivery address and the courier will bring your order to the specified address as soon as possible.

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