Juvederm Volift

In assessing the effectiveness of Juvederm Volift fillers, you can base your opinion on clinical trials. However, you can only get real independent expertise based on user ratings.

Most users rate positively the results of Juvederm Volift and note that the drug really does have a high versatility. But most of all, users noted the positive results of Juvederm Volift when used for touch-ups. It does not cause a strong increase in the volume of individual sections and fills those areas, which have lost their shape, and does provide a natural look.

Even if you need to correct something after the first filler session, Juvederm Volift combines perfectly with the gel under the skin, without causing undesirable effects.

How long does Juvederm Volift last

Many women regularly leave comments about Juvederm Volift and say that this filler maintains its shape well for at least 8 months.

However, if we talk about the wrinkles correction, the effect persists even longer. Usually, the corrective effect of Juvederm Volift lasts up to 12 months. Still, you need to understand that it depends solely on metabolism. The faster the metabolic processes, the faster the body tries to destroy the chains of hyaluronic acid.

In 2-3 months after the treatment, an experienced aesthetic practitioner can tell you the approximate period of Juvederm Volift duration specifically in your case. Therefore, if you have done the procedure, do not forget to return to your beautician and check the results after a few months.

When can I make a correction or touch-up with Juvederm Volift?

If the results of the treatment do not satisfy you 100%, Juvederm Volift can be reused only after 2-3 months.

Some experts say that you can add Juvederm Volift gel after 1 week, but this is too risky. You need to let the dermal filler to fully entrench itself under the skin and form a stable structure. If it is not sufficiently stable, additional introduction of the gel can cause an uneven gel distribution and the formation of irregularities on the skin.

How fast does the result of Juvederm Volift become visible?

As soon as you get up from the chair and walk up to the mirror, you will notice the effect of Juvederm Volift. It is visible almost immediately, yet you may not see it 100% during the first few hours after the treatment session.

  1. First, you can’t see the full result of Juvederm Volift injection because of the mild swelling, caused by the procedure.
  2. Secondly, the gel needs a couple of hours to get the desired shape and fill all the grooves in the skin and give your skin a volumetric and even look.

The very next day, you can see the full result of Juvederm Volift action and enjoy the effect of rejuvenation.


Juvederm Volift is a dermal filler, intended to correct wrinkles and replenish the volume in the area of the cheeks and chin. It is the latest generation filler from Allergan, which can be used to solve a wide range of cosmetic defects.

When using Juvederm Volift, you can qualitatively correct the shape of the face, change the amount of soft tissue and provide the skin with a natural healthy color.

Just like all modern fillers, Juvederm Volift contains stabilized hyaluronic acid. It is a substance, which is a natural component for the body and is of non-animal origin. This allows avoiding any allergic reactions, when such hyaluronic acid-based filler is introduced in the body.

The action of the Juvederm Volift filler is as follows:

  • With the introduction of the gel in the middle and deep layers of the skin, it fairly quickly and evenly distributes in the tissues.
  • Once distributed in the tissues, the gel begins to fill in the depressions (wrinkles) and levels the skin to one level.
  • After the leveling out of all areas, the gel collects a large number of water molecules, which promotes additional moisturizing to the inner layers of the skin.
  • The skin surface not only levels out, but also becomes more “vivid” due to enhanced natural nutrition and hydration.

If you need to not only fill in wrinkles, but also add volume to a specific area on your face, you need a little more Juvederm Volift. It has a sufficient density so that hyaluronic acid chains are not destroyed. The special formula of this dermal filler contains cross-linking molecules, which do not allow the body to quickly destroy hyaluronic acid and give it greater density and durability.

Indications for Use

The main purpose of Juvederm Volift is to fill in the insufficient volume of facial tissues and to correct medium and deep wrinkles, filling them with a dense gel.

Juvederm Volift can be used with in:

  1. Deep age wrinkles
  2. Facial wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, in the folds of the nose
  3. Face contour change
  4. Excessively dry skin
  5. Sagging of the skin on the neck and the appearance of wrinkles under the chin
  6. Sagging of the skin on the chin, cheekbones, and under the eyes

Please note that Juvederm Volift can be used for touch-up corrective procedure, after the initial restoration of facial contours and insufficient effect.


  • Pure hyaluronic acid formula of biosynthetic origin
  • Highest compatibility of gel and skin cells
  • Unique formula, which protects biogel from a fast destruction under the skin
  • Natural 3D effect and maximum uniform distribution of the gel under the skin
  • Long-term effect up to 12 months
  • Good results in filler re-injection
  • Minimal side effects.

Drug form and composition

Juvederm Volift is produced in the form of biogel, which comes in immediately filled syringes, ready for the procedure. This form is most convenient for work, since you do not need to mix the solution out of two or three components. It is immediately ready for use.

Drug form:

  • Package contents: 2 syringes with 1 ml of gel and 2 needles 30G1/2”
  • The amount of hyaluronic acid in each syringe: 17.5 mg per 1 ml.

Juvederm Volift contains a small dosage of hyaluronic acid, which is perfect namely for touch-ups or to correct previous procedures, which start losing their effect.

Juvederm Volift ingredients:

  • Active ingredient: hyaluronic acid synthesized under laboratory conditions
  • Inactive ingredients: lidocaine (3 mg per 1 ml of gel) + phosphate buffer.

Allergan Company uses technology, in which hyaluronic acid remains the main active ingredient. In its pure form, though, the injections of this gel are painful and, the effect usually does not last long.

Therefore, all Juvederm dermal fillers contain phosphate buffer in order to improve the effect and extend its duration as much as possible. The formulation also contains Lidocaine, which minimizes pain during the filler injection gel and after the procedure.

Mode of administration

Although certain recommendations for using Juvederm Volift exist, there is no need to prepare for the procedure anyhow. Everything is done in the aesthetic practitioner’s office, immediately before the dermal filler introduction:

  • skin is treated with a degreasing solution
  • the skin is additionally cleansed from dust, sebum
  • an antiseptic solution or gel is applied to prevent infection.

Once all these are completed, the filler can be introduced.

The procedure itself takes no more than 20 minutes, of which 5-7 minutes are allocated for facial massage. Massaging the area, in which Juvederm Volift filler has been injected, is indispensable to ensure a better gel distribution.

Despite the fact that Juvederm Volift with lidocaine does not lump, it is still recommended to further improve its physiological properties with a simple and short massage.

To obtain a good and lasting effect, it is also recommended to comply with the following mandatory recommendations:

  1. During the procedure, the skin should be free of any mechanical defects, such as cuts, open wounds, burns (including caused by ultraviolet radiation)
  2. If there are inflamed areas on the skin, ulcers, abscesses, patient should first cure them, and then proceed with the dermal filler introduction treatment.
  3. Before the procedure, it is contraindicated to perform chemical or mechanical peels, use scrubs and tanning.

After you get the Juvederm Volift filler injected under your skin, you need to observe a “regime of rest” for 14 days, which means that you should avoid:

  • Visiting sauna
  • Spending long time under the open sun or in the cold,
  • Heavy physical exertion to the body (gym trainings are not prohibited, yet you’d better opt for lighter loads)
  • swimming in pools or sea.

During the first few hours after the gel introduction, better avoid touching the treated area. Within 2 days, better avoid the use of makeup (foundation, powder, etc.).

Precautionary measures

The molecular formula of hyaluronic acid, which Juvederm Volift contains, is safe and rarely causes side effects. Despite this, there are restrictions to the use of this dermal filler, which cannot be ignored.

You should not have the filler injected, in the following situations:

  • pregnancy
  • lactation
  • extensive exacerbation of acne on the face
  • epilepsy
  • autoimmune diseases of unknown origin
  • allergic reaction to Lidocaine.

Juvederm Volift Side Effects

Observance of precautionary measures is the only and most effective way to prevent any possible severe side effects, such as:

  • allergic reaction,
  • skin flushing,
  • extensive hematomas.

It is extremely important to entrust the procedure performance to a professional, who possesses extensive experience with the use of Juvederm fillers and knows how to apply the gel properly in different parts of the face.

There are some side effects, though, which are almost impossible to avoid:

  • slight pain during the fillers introduction and within a few hours after the treatment session
  • itching at injection sites
  • mild puffiness and bruising at injection sites
  • small bruises.

Edema and slight pain are a usual reaction, since the injection involves puncture of the skin and introduction of a foreign substance under the skin. Thanks to the additional ingredients of Juvederm Volift, though, all the side effects disappear within 1-2 days and do not bring physiological discomfort.


If you are planning to buy Juvederm Volift, you probably wonder about the price range for this dermal filler. Market research showed that you will find the highest price for Juvederm Volift in city pharmacies and in private aesthetic clinics.

If you yourself want to buy Juvederm Volift, you will not need a doctor's prescription. Before you do, though, ask your beautician how many syringes you need for the procedure and where you can buy dermal fillers at a lower price.

You can be offered to buy Juvederm Volift on the spot, but the price will be 20-30% higher than in conventional pharmacies. Still, even in local pharmacies, the cost of Juvederm Volift is too high. To cover their expenses, the owners of pharmacy chains and local stores must set a markup in order to make a profit.

At the same time, you can buy Juvederm Volift online from any city. Even if there is no such filler in your city, and your cosmetologist strongly recommends that you use it, all you need to do is to place an order, and the drug will be delivered to your home in a few days.

The main thing when choosing Juvederm Volift is to pay attention to the seller and his reputation. Even if you are offered a low price for Juvederm Volift with Lidocaine, do not rush to buy from an unknown supplier, as there are many fakes on the market. Sometimes, it is better to overpay $ 30-50 per pack, and get the original drug with a 100% quality guarantee.

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