Juvederm Volite

Juvederm Volite Online to Improve the Quality of Your Skin With Just One Session

Skin of a good quality is characterised by its smoothness (absence of fine lines), right lever of hydration and elasticity. Many treatments indicated for improvement of these properties are based on multiple sessions with the use of bio-regenerating, re-vitalizing and mesolifting products. YourFace.Expert offers you to buy Juvederm Volite online with a view to achieve the same results after just one procedure.

What Is Juvederm Volite?

Juvederm Volite is a sterile gel made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.

Indications of Dermal Filler Juvederm Volite in Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine

For cross-linked hyaluronic acid to be effective, it has to be of high concentration – 20-28 mg/mL – but the higher is the concentration, the worse is the swelling after treatment. Dermal filler Juvederm Volite is made with Vycross technology which combines hyaluronic acid of Low Molecular Weight with hyaluronic acid of High Molecular Weight and that is exactly what allows for hyaluronic acid of a low concentration to be highly effective.

Plastic surgeons and dermatologists love dermal filler Juvederm Volite because the treatment involves just one treatment session with long-lasting results and minimal swelling and it allows to use small volume of a product to get desired effect.

Suitability for Treatment With Dermal Filler Juvederm Volite & Expected Results

Dermal filler Juvederm Volite would be the right choice for those who need to:

  1. Restore hydration and subtle volume which helps to smooth fine lines and superficial wrinkles
  2. Stimulate collagen with a view to improve elasticity
  3. Strengthen and rejuvenate skin

but cannot bear the thought of multiple procedures or simply don’t have time for regular visits to a dermatologist.

The dermal filler Juvederm Volite also contains Lidocaine, which acts as an anesthetic during treatment.

Results are visible immediately after the procedure: only one session and your skin immediately looks rejuvenated, refreshed, brighter and much smoother. To maintain the results, it is advisable to repeat the treatment every six to nine months.

Juvederm Volite Administration Protocol & Procedure

Dermal filler Juvederm Volite is indicated for intra-dermal administration. Massage the treated area after the procedure to ensure even distribution. To maintain the results, it is advisable to repeat the treatment every six to nine months.

Specifications of Dermal Filler Juvederm Volite

Volume & Packaging: Two syringes of 1 ml of gel.

Active Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid (12 mg/mL), Lidocaine Hydrochloride (3 mg/mL).

Accessory: Two sterile 32G1/2” needles. Package insert.

Storage Conditions: Store between 2 – 25℃.

*YourFace.Expert offers only genuine Juvederm Volite that is manufactured by Allergan in Europe.

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