According to the prestigious medical publication Webmd, Juvederm brand fillers are among the top 5 best cosmetic products on the market. The brand is the name for a line of corrective bio-gels that can be adapted to solve various skin problems.

The producer of Juvederm dermal fillers is the pharmaceutical company Allergan, which made a breakthrough in aesthetic and medical fields by introducing the substance Botulinum Toxin into therapeutic practice.

Unlike substances of synthetic origin, Juvederm has a unique high-quality composition:

  • high purity hyaluronic acid;
  • lidocaine anesthetic with a local therapeutic effect;
  • phosphate buffer and mannitol - substances with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which perform an auxiliary function.

The main component of Juvederm brand cosmetic fillers is hyaluronic acid. According to the manufacturer, 1 ml of Juvederm filler can contain up to 24 mg of hyaluronic acid.

Today, hyaluronic acid is the best way to hydrate epithelial tissues and has a high pharmacological safety index. This acid is produced in the body and is found in large quantities in our:

  • skin,
  • saliva,
  • articular cartilage,
  • biological fluids,
  • connective tissue.

The main function of hyaluronic acid is to preserve and combine water molecules. It is believed that only 1 molecule of hyaluronic acid is able to hold up to 1000 molecules of H2O.

Since the amount of synthesized HA decreases with age, the skin begins to lose its elasticity, wrinkles form, the skin volume and its structure worsen significantly.

The use of Juvederm fillers helps stop the skin aging process and maintain the natural hydration of epithelial tissues.

Juvederm injections help you:

  • correct certain skin areas
  • improve face asymmetry
  • smooth out wrinkles
  • change the shape and position of the cheekbones
  • correct lip contour
  • improve skin condition after treating severe acne forms

Juvederm fillers action is based on the increase in the amount of water molecules in the tissues, localized in the filler injection site. At that, the volume of corrections can be adjusted by altering the amount of the product administered.

In plain English, the process goes as follows:

  1. Juvederm filler is injected into the problem skin area.
  2. Hyaluronic acid creates the so-called “moisture depot”, which stimulates cell renewal, regeneration improvement and changes in tissue volume.
  3. The skin is leveled, lifted to a certaint extent, and the lost volume restores.

Benefits of Juvederm Brand

Juvederm filler line includes 5 products, which differ slightly in their composition and have unique features. However, the manufacturer of Juvederm insists that the entire product line is “uniquely versatile” and is suitable for all skin types.

This is because the excipients of different Juvederm fillers do differ, while the main active ingredient, HA, is the same, and only minor differences in concentration exist.

Therefore, one and the same Juvederm product can be used for different purposes, which is quite economical and effective. By the age of 30-35, most women already have several problem areas, such as:

  • nasolabial folds,
  • horizontal area of the forehead,
  • area of the lips,
  • area under the eyes.

The versatility of Juvederm is one of the many advantages of this product. Experts note a number of positive qualities of Juvederm fillers, such as:

  1. Effect maintenance over a long period of time: 6 to 18 months.
  2. Homogeneous structure of the gel and its plasticity, which allow avoiding an uneven distribution in the tissues.
  3. High therapeutic safety index. Due to the unique composition, this product ius characterized by a minimal amount of side effects.
  4. Lack of physical addiction. Regular use of Juvederm fillers does not interfere with the natural synthesis of HA in the body, and all biochemical processes are preserved.
  5. Maximum comfort during the procedure. Products contain lidocaine, which minimizes discomfort during the administration of Juvederm gel.

However, it is worth noting that a perfect result can be achieved only when the original Juvederm products are used by a qualified doctor or aesthetic practicioner, who is familiar with the therapeutic properties of the drug and proper injecting techniques.

Juvederm Ultra 4 for smoothing deep wrinkles

Juvederm Ultra 4 has a thick and viscous structure, which is perfect for adminsitreation into the deeper skin layers. It is there that age-related deep wrinkles are formed, which are usually corrected with the help of Botox injections.

Unlike small facial wrinkles, deep wrinkles appear because of the natural body aging and skin dehydration. As a rule, daily use of moisturizers does not help to address this issue. So, to smooth deep wrinkles, you need to eradicate the cause of their appearance.

Botox injections help to cope with deep wrinkles well, yet they cause a loss of the muscle fibers motor function. This approach can turn you into a robot, lacking any emotions and having the same facial expression no matter what.

Due to its dense structure, Juvederm Ultra 4 penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and begins to restore volume from the inside, increasing the nutrition of tissues and slowing down the processes of skin dehydration. In addition, the dense gel is very hard deformed, therefore, retains volume and shape for a long time. That is why, Juvederm Ultra 4 is very often used for the correction of the cheekbones and lip contour.

However, when using this product, the person maintains natural facial expressions and motor function of the facial muscles.

Acne scars. Skin Recovery with Juvederm Ultra 3

Many people know the situation when severe acne cause deep scars on the face. Today, there are many ways to correct them, such as:

  • dermabrasion,
  • chemical peels,
  • laser procedures,
  • fillers administration.

The latter is considered the most progressive and effective option.

Juvederm Ultra 3 gel is not as dense as the Ultra 4 line, so it is used in the middle and upper skin layers. It can also be used to correct wrinkles, yet its ability of smoothing out acne scars deserves a special attention.

The action mechanism of Juvederm Ultra 3 is classic. As the gel is administered in the scars area, it promotes accumulation of water molecules in the tissues. This ensures more volume and levels out the skin surface.The advantage of Juvederm Ultra 3 when used to correct the acne scars is that the skin tone is almost completely restored at the scar site. Visually, the scar contour may remain slightly visible. However, the defect will completely disappear and you will not feel the scar area on the skin by touch.

Recovery takes place gradually, and the results persist for a long time. According to patients’ reviews, you can forget about the scars on the skin for 1.5-2 years. The result also depends on yur individual rate of regeneration processes.

Comparing the results of Juvederm Ultra 3 with the results of using a laser, we can conclude that the skin line restoration is more qualitative, when this filler is used. Even several laser procedures do not allow the skin to completely get rid of the roughness, caused by scars.

Technique of restoration and correction of the lip contour with Juvederm Ultra Smile Filler

It's no secret that women notice a decrease in their lips after the age of 30, and the use of fillers is now quite a standard procedure, aimed at maintaining beautiful and voluminous lips even in adulthood.

Another problem faced by women is that age-related changes affect not only the facial skin, but also their lips condition. With age, the lips contour becomes more blurred, thin and visually dry. Even with the volume preservation, the outline of the lips becomes fuzzy, which undoubtedly affects the general aspect.

To restore and correct the lip contour and volume, you can use medium and high density Juvederm HA fillers. The best choice for this purpose, though, remains Juvederm Ultra Smile.

The biogel Juvederm Ultra Smile was specially developed to restore and correct the lips contour and has a perfect density for this purpose. It can also be used to correct the wrinkles, as it is rather dense, and contains the same HA concentration of 24 mg/ml.

Juvederm Ultra Smile gel is injected with a thin needle 27G½, along the lips contour. A thin needle helps to avoid excessive injury to the lips, and lidocaine, which is part of it, reduces the painfulness of the procedure.

The gel is injected from the edge of the lips to the center. Depending on the goals, 4 to 6 injections are made to each lip, at a distance of 1-2 cm. The volume of each injection is only 0.2 ml. Unlike the analogs, Juvederm Ultra Smile does not cause a strong swelling, and the results are visible on the first day after the filler administration.

The uniqueness of Juvederm Ultra Smile is that the optimum gel density minimizes the risk of uneven drug distribution in the tissues and asymmetry. Due to this, the effect persists for at least 6-9 months.

Precautions when using cosmetic fillers

Despite its safe composition, in terms of pharmaceutical standards, and a wide use of Juvederm for non-prescription purposes, not everyone is a suitable candidate for its use. There is a number of contraindications and precautions, which should be considered before the treatment:

  • Juvederm is not recommended for use during pregnancy.
  • People with immunodeficiency are contraindicated to use fillers, including Juvederm.
  • If you are hypersensitive to lidocaine or other Juvederm components, gel administration may cause an allergic reaction, so the use of the drug is contraindicated
  • Juvederm can not be administered to those areas, where an inflammatory process is present.
  • Do not use Juvederm in areas of infectious or fungal skin lesions. This may trigger the spread of infection.
  • During a month before and after the procedure, you can not have chemical peels or mechanical face polishing treatments.

Risks and complications in Juvederm administration

When precautions are taken, the risks of complications in Juvederm use are minimal.

Important note! Entrust the skin rejuvenation and correction treatment with Juvederm fillers only to professional aesthetic practicioners or doctors. Improper administration of the products can cause adverse reactions.

Juvederm misuse risks:

  • skin infection,
  • gel showing through the skin,
  • skin discoloration,
  • tissues induration at the filler injection sites,
  • granuloma formation,
  • asymmetry of the facial contours.

However, some possible reactions are not considered dangerous and are caused by the mechanical action over the skin. Usually, they manifest in a mild form and independently pass within 1-2 weeks, depending on the treatment type. These are:

  • formation of small bruises at the injection site,
  • slight swelling,
  • slight burning or itching when palpating the injection site;
  • pigmentation in the injection area.

Observing maximum care and using only high-quality Juvederm fillers ensures good results and the absence of severe side effects.


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