Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needle 25g x 70 mm

The advent of Lipoinject has opened up new opportunities for aesthetic practitioners. 5 years ago, recovery after the local fat dissolving treatment took 2-3 weeks. All this time, the patient had bruises at the injection site. Pain and swelling persisted for 5 days (at least).

Experts say that Lipoinject needles injure the skin by 50-70% less. Recovery after the procedure is twice as fast, compared to usual needles.

All those, who already had experience with these needles, leave positive comments about this product. They felt less discomfort during the procedure. 12% of people say that you can immediately get up after the injections and continue your usual lifestyle. Still, we shouldn’t forget that the skin type is important, as well.

Lipoinject Needles are created to be used for intralipotherapy only. They are not suitable for other procedures. In particular, they should not be used to inject hyaluronic acid or collagen. Use cannulas for these treatments.


Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needle (25g x 70 mm) is an ultrathin needle for injecting anti-fat cocktails into problem skin areas. These needles ensure pain relief and easy penetration through tissues.

Intralipotherapy has gained unusual popularity over the past 5 years. With the help of special fat-soluble drugs, you can reduce fat locally in any area.

Scientific studies have shown that liposoluble agents trigger the process of lipolysis. Deep introduction of products allows working upon the most stubborn adipose tissue.

Intralipotherapy helps to trigger the natural process of fats splitting. Injected cocktail usually includes several active agents. Some are aimed at activating lipolysis. Others help to level the skin, make it more elastic and remove cellulite.

The procedure itself is accompanied by intense pain. Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needle (25g x 70 mm) allows reducing pain and speeding up the tissue repair.

These are small-diameter needles, which can be used in different areas, such as:

  • abdomen,
  • thighs,
  • double chin,
  • saddlebags,
  • knees,
  • hands.

Lipoinjects have a small external diameter, and a large internal free space. This is achieved by thinner needle walls. Larger inner diameter allows using cocktails of various viscosities.

The needle itself penetrates the skin very gently and does not tear the tissue. Therefore, you will not notice large hematomas after the procedure. Recovery will be easier and the procedure less painful.

Indications for use

  • Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needles are used for Local Fat Dissolving Therapy - a non-invasive way to eliminate body fat.


  • Does not tear dermis tissue and blood vessels
  • Reduces pain during the procedure
  • Shortens the recovery period
  • Helps avoid extensive hematomas and edema
  • Doesn’t leave visible signs of skin puncture
  • The needle is made of high quality stainless steel with a large inner diameter

Drug form and composition

  • Intralipotherapy Needle Lipoinject is delivered in packs of 20 needles
  • The size of each needle is 25g x 70 mm
  • Each needle is supplied with a protective cap and is ready for use (it does not require antiseptic treatment - completely sterile).

Mode of administration

Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needle (25g x 70 mm) is the smallest needle for Local Fat Dissolving Therapy. It is used in areas with higher skin sensitivity. The long needle allows reaching the most inaccessible places. At that, the procedure does not cause skin tissue damage due to the small thickness of the needle.

Before you buy Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needle, check with your doctor if needles of 25g x 70 mm are suitable. If this is what you need, place an order on our website and the package will be in your home within a few days.

  • When you receive the package, check that it is intact and well sealed.
  • Remove the needle and remove the cap. Perform a visual inspection. It must be free of defects.
  • Attach the needle to the injection syringe.
  • Fill the syringe with fat-soluble solution.
  • Treat the skin with antiseptic and local anesthetic.
  • Slowly insert the needle into the skin to the desired depth. The slower you insert the needle, the less damage it causes.

Precautionary measures

  • Never use Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needle, if you notice damage at the tip of the needle.
  • Replace the needle if it doesn’t fit well to the syringe.
  • Local fat dissolving therapy isn’t used in pregnant women. Fat-soluble cocktail can cause side effects.

These are all precautions that apply to Lipoinject (25g x 70 mm). However, you should additionally study the contraindications of those drugs that will be injected into your skin. Perhaps, one of these may cause an allergic reaction, so better double-check.

Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needle Side effects

The manufacturer of Lipoinject intralipotherapy needles (25g x 70 mm) guarantees minimal needle trauma.

Still, it is impossible to rule out possible side effects 100%. Much depends on your doctor’s experience, and not just on the needle. If your doctor inserts a needle into the skin too quickly, the following symptoms are possible:

  • Bleeding
  • Edemas
  • Bruises
  • Mild skin swelling
  • Pain sensations

To reduce the risk of infection, treat the injection area with an antiseptic. If the pain is quite severe, treat the injection area with lidocaine.


If you want to buy Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needle (25g x 70 mm), you will hardly find these needles in regular pharmacies.

Lipoinject are special needles. They are sold either at the aesthetician’s or in specialized online stores. If you search for a long time, you probably might find Lipoinject Intralipotherapy needles in city stores. Their price, though, will be at least $ 250 for 1 package.

In our online store, you can buy them cheaper by 30-40%. We supply needles from the manufacturer and do not use the services of resellers. Therefore, we sell these needles at a wholesale price, without a high mark-up.

You can buy the needle in any quantity you wish. If you are interested in wholesale deliveries, you can contact our representative using the contact form, by phone, or via the live chat.

We deliver cheap Lipoinject Intralipotherapy Needle (25g x 70 mm) worldwide. You only need to choose the delivery method and location.You can pay for the purchase using a credit card or Bitcoin.

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