Needleflex Cannula 27g x 50mm

The manufacturer of Needleflex Cannula (27g x 50mm) assures customers of the absolute painlessness of injection procedures. But this is not 100% true.

It is impossible to prevent pain completely. Each person has a different skin sensitivity. Therefore, one patient may feel no pain at all, and the other experiences discomfort.

According to user reviews of Needleflex Cannula (27g x 50mm), pain occurs in 50% of cases. But this is not the pain that you would feel from conventional needles. Pain is much milder and passes faster.

Users confirmed the minimum number of bruises and swelling. Procedures pass without any expressed side effects. Experts appreciate Needleflex Cannula (27g x 50mm) and recommend them for injection procedures.


Needleflex Cannulas (27g x 50mm) are injection needles (cannulas) for aesthetic treatments.

These are special “needles”, used to introduce dense gels, hyaluronic acid and medicinal “cocktails” into the middle and deep layers of the dermis. Needleflex Cannula (27g x 50mm) come in the most versatile diameters and lengths. They are suitable for almost all areas on the face.

Ordinary injection needles are not suitable for injecting hyaluronic acid. They have a sharp tip and damage the skin tissue. The main disadvantage of conventional needles, though, is that they can damage a blood vessel. Because of this, you may notice extensive bruises and pain at the injection site after the injections.

Conventional injection needles have a thick wall and a small hole inside. Thick gel will not be able to pass through this hole.

Needleflex cannula for contour plastics is an innovative development of the modern pharmaceutical industry. These are blunt needles with thin walls, hollow inside. The inner diameter of these cannulas is larger than that of ordinary needles, and the walls are very thin. Thanks to this, experts can use gels with the highest density.

The uniqueness of Needleflex cannula is the blunt end of the needle. When penetrating the skin, the cannulas does not pierce the tissue. They bend around them and cause less damage. Cannula cannot pierce a blood vessel, so you don’t have to face painful bruises after the injections.

The gel is pushed from the needle through the side opening and fills the tissue evenly. This hole arrangement is very convenient. As the cannula deepens in the tissue, the specialist can inject the gel. He does not need to stop the movement.

Needleflex cannula has an impressive flexibility. They can be introduced into the tissue at any angle and change the movement direction during injection. This will not create discomfort for the patient.

Indications for use

  • Any injection aesthetic treatments using dense gel formulations.


  • do not damage blood vessels
  • do not cause extensive bruising after injections
  • cause minimal pain
  • promote fast tissue repair
  • penetrate deep into the dermis
  • are made of high quality stainless steel

Drug form and composition

  • Each pack contains 100 pieces Needleflex Cannula (27g x 50mm)
  • The diameter of each needle is 38mm and the length is 50mm.
  • Each needle comes with a protective cap and is completely sterile.

Mode of administration

Before purchasing Needleflex Cannula (27g x 50mm), make sure that this needle diameter is suitable for your procedure. You can get this information from your beautician.

Manufacturer of Needleflex Cannula claims that a 38mm needle diameter is all-purpose.

The large void space inside the cannula allows using the densest dermal fillers. Due to the long needle length of 50mm, the gel can be inserted even into the deepest areas of the dermis.

  • Remove the needle from the box and remove the protective cap.
  • Check the integrity of the Needleflex Cannula: the needle must have no external damage
  • Put the needle on the injection syringe

Before the injection, the skin should be treated with antiseptic. If necessary, you can use the gel with a local anesthetic.

Precautionary measures

  • Do not use Needleflex Cannula if there are cracks or visual damage on the needle.
  • Do not use needles that do not have a protective cap. They are not sterile.
  • Do not make injections in the inflamed area.

Needleflex Cannula Side effects

Needleflex Cannula (27g x 50mm) guarantees minimal tissue injury. Small bruises appear in isolated cases, in areas with high sensitivity.

Other side effects can occur only in response to the introduction of the dermal filler. The needle does not guarantee the complete absence of side effects on the component introduced into the skin tissue.

Before the injection, examine the composition of the filler and make sure that it is not contraindicated to you.


The price of Needleflex Cannula (27g x 50mm) can vary from a few to several tens of US dollars. It all depends on where you buy the needles.

In the beautician’s office, a set of needles is sold with a high markup. On our site, you can buy original Needleflex Cannula (27g x 50mm) for the price of $ 6 for 1 package. Exactly the same package at the beautician’s will cost 3-4 times more expensive.

Our shop specializes in selling original products for aesthetic treatments. We supply Needleflex cannula from the factory of the manufacturer. Therefore, we can offer our customers the cheapest Needleflex cannula (27g x 50mm) on the market.

It is most beneficial to buy Needleflex cannula (27g x 50mm) along with a dermal filler. All fillers on our website are available at a wholesale price, without high margins. Together with the filler, you can immediately buy Needleflex Cannula (27g x 50mm) and save on shipping.

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Needleflex Non-Bruising Extra Smooth Cannula 50 mm / 27 g

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