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Non-surgical Nose Job

By January 23, 2019 May 30th, 2019 No Comments

Just a few years ago, if you wanted a new nose, whether smaller, straighter or smoother, you could either have a rhinoplasty or simply forget about it. There were no other options. But with the rise of injectable dermal fillers came an off-label use for them: the non-surgical nose job. Using the same hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used for lips and cheeks, an aesthetic practitioner is able to correct curves, bumps and lumps, making your nose appear just how you want it.

Most dermal fillers are temporary and last anywhere from three months to two years, depending on the type you choose, before slowly dissolving. Some doctors start a patient off with a temporary filler, such as Juvederm Voluma that lasts for a year and half, is reversible and natural looking and then move on to a permanent filler, such as Aquamid.

The reasons patients are considering the non-surgical nose job comprise concerns about general anesthesia, post-surgery downtime and scarring. Furthermore, if we were to create an injectable pain scale, Botox would be at the bottom of it because you can barely feel it; cheek injections would be positioned near the top; lip injections would fall somewhere in the middle. And a non-surgical nose job? Everybody says it’s nearly painless. Your aesthetic practitioner would use an effective topical anesthetic to numb the area and the pain would be moderate, with the tip of the nose being the most sensitive area. So, all in all, non-surgical nose job is a real lunchtime procedure where people generally go right back to work while being slightly red or a little bruised for a week, but there are many remedies and treatments that can fix that too.

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