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Princess Rich is manufactured by Croma-Pharma GmbH in Austria and is an authentic implant made of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (18 mg/ml) and glycerol (20 mg/ml). The hyaluronic acid is non-animal in origin. Princess Rich is intended as mesotherapy which can impart copious amounts of hydration. One of its uses is correcting fine lines like crow’s feet and smokers lines. Lips can also be augmented with this product. Areas beyond the face that can be treated with Princess Rich include the decollete, the neck and the often-ignored backs of the hands. Princess Rich rejuvenates skin and helps make the tell-tale signs of more mature skin less distinctive.

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Princess Rich is indicated for giving skin elasticity and better tone as well as for softening superficial wrinkles. Three initial treatments are recommended, and there should be a period of twenty-one days between each session. Princess Rich’s effects last somewhere in the range of six to twelve months. Maintenance visits should be scheduled as needed.

A highly viscous, smooth gel with a uniform composition, Princess Rich contains hyaluronic acid that is created with Advanced Rejuvenation Technology (ART). This process uses glycerol to shield hyaluronic acid molecules from free radicals. That, in turn, increases the hyaluronic acid’s already remarkable ability to capture and retain water. It also augments the product’s durability.

Princess Rich is meant to be administered into the superficial dermis. Its presentation is as a single-use syringe pre-filled with 1 ml of gel.

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