Restylane Kysse

Buy Restylane Kysse Online to Plump the Lips to Their Youthful Size While Hydrating Them & Defining the Lip Borders

Restylane Kysse used to be known as Emervel Volume. In 2017 Galderma united Restylane and Emervel, creating one extensive collection of highly effective dermal fillers.

With aging, along with damage from the sun and smoking, the lips can begin to look thin and flat. Restoring volume to the lips or enhancing them for a plumper appearance can have a big impact on our self-confidence. YourFace.Expert offers you to buy Restylane Kysse online – a great treatment to create beautiful looking lips.

What Is Restylane Kysse?

Restylane Kysse is a sterile, transparent gel that is made of stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.

Indications of Dermal Filler Restylane Kysse in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine

Lips is the most sensitive part of our face, so lips enhancing procedures often result in substantial swelling. The crosslinked hyaluronic acid that contains in Restylane Kysse is of a special formula:

It doesn’t contain free hyaluronic acid which is usually added to adjust the thickness of the gel, but causes swelling

It was passed through a sieve, sifting out the particles of the most suitable size for lip enhancement with a noticeable result

Therefore, using dermal filler Restylane Kysse allows dermatologists to smoothly fill the lips with less chance of unwanted swelling.

Suitability for a Treatment With Dermal Filler Restylane Kysse & Expected Results

As you administer dermal filler Restylane Kysse into the lip mucosa, the particles hold moisture, which adds volume to the lips while retaining moisture. This helps make the lips plumper while adding definition to the lip border and giving the skin a smoother texture. This either restores or enhances the appearance of the lips to be fuller and more youthful. This way dermal filler Restylane Kysse is suitable for older patients who want to restore volume to their lips or for younger ones who want to enhance their lips.

Dermal filler Restylane Kysse is also used to correct lines that have formed around the lips.

Restylane Kysse contains Lidocaine Hydrochloride 0.3% for effective discomfort relief.

Restylane Kysse Administration Protocol & Procedure

Dermal filler Restylane Kysse is indicated for administration into the lip mucosa and dermis.

The results of administration with dermal filler Restylane Volyme are immediate and last about six to nine months and up to a year, but need to be maintained by regular touch ups.

Specifications of Dermal Filler Restylane Kysse

Volume & Packaging: One syringe of 1 ml of gel.

Active Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid (20 mg/mL), Lidocaine Hydrochloride (3 mg/mL).

Accessory: Two sterile 2 x 30 ½ needles. Package insert. Set of labels.

Storage Conditions: Store between 2 – 25℃.

*YourFace.Expert offers only genuine dermal filler Restylane Kysse that is manufactured by Galderma in Europe.

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