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A Teoxane Laboratories product, Teosyal Kiss is an authentic dermal filler manufactured in Switzerland. It is formulated from crosslinked hyaluronic acid (25 mg/ml) whose origin is non-animal. So that patient treatments will be pain-free, Lidocaine (3 mg/ml) is included. Dermal filler Teosyal Kiss is specifically designed for the lips. This area can be challenging to treat because tasks requiring mobility, like eating, talking and expressing emotions, are many and frequent. Dermal filler Teosyal Kiss can augment lip fullness, remodel the contours of the lips and rehydrate the lips. If your patient’s top and bottom lip are not of uniform size and shape, Teosyal Kiss can be used to create a balanced look.

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Whether your patients are more mature and are looking to recreate formerly voluminous lips or are younger but unhappy with their thin lips which lack definition, dermal filler Teosyal Kiss can give anyone pouty, plump lips. The effects are immediate, and despite constant lip movement, Teosyal Kiss is known to last six to nine months. A maintenance visit is suggested at the five-months mark.

Teosyal Kiss’s gel consists of substantially crosslinked hyaluronic acid. This makes it capable of delivering the filling power required to correct and enhance thin lips while also making it resistant to degradation.

Dermal filler Teosyal Kiss is intended for administration into the labial mucosa. It has a presentation as a single-use syringe, pre-filled with 1 ml of gel and accompanied by two 27G1/2” needles, with two syringes in each package.

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